Talking at Ticad, a conference for technical authors, Equations' Project Director, John Adams, asked the audience how many of them could publish their content to CD without help from IT or anyone else. At least 90% said they could. When asked if they could publish to the web the answer was less than 5%.


This quite clearly shows the frustration experienced by contents owners and authors when it comes to delivering their work to an audience.


By using Knowledgebase Webgenerator both figures would be 100%.


Equations have built Knowledgebase and Webgenerator from the user's point of view. Technology is used as a means to an end, ie to allow non-technical people to publish their content from their desktop to either CD or the web without help from IT or outside agencies. This is done at the click of a button and, with no design or programming skills, sophisticated websites and CDs can be created in minutes.


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