Sales tools…

We help clients to compress their sales cycles and manage support across the sales process through easy to use sales tools.


We have developed a number of highly flexible tools from which we create tailor-made client solutions geared to cutting your sales cycle. These include:



Knowledgebase – Sales support software

Delivers relevant information to solve a specific client need. Used to turn information into knowledge, it is particularly effective where our clients have a large amount of information in any electronic form. For example: Acrobat PDF, Powerpoint, AVI, Lotus Screencam files etc. This product enables the user to produce a fully customised CD or Salesman's installed presenter all at the click of a button and without any technical understanding whatsoever.




Webgenerator – website creation and content management tool

Takes information created in KnowledgeBase and turns it into a web enabled version, again all at the click of a button and without any technical understanding whatsoever. This allows the instant updating of web sites without references to specialist skills.






Based on our PACE (Proactive Configuration Engine) product this powerful tool allows the selection and configuration of complex products and options. Unlike most configuration solutions, once the interface has been customised according to your branding, you are able to publish direct from your own PC, without any technical understanding or IT support.


PACE allows non-technical salesmen and telesales teams to correctly specify and configure complex products. Costs are saved by reducing the input required from expensive support technicians to help configure an installation correctly.


By providing end-to-end solutions, we ensure your return on investment is maximised. Please contact us to discuss how our sales process solutions could help you compress your sales cycle and improve support management.