Knowledgebase Features

At a glance


       Sales, marketing & training collateral easily published to the web or CD

       Allows generation of complex, contentrich websites or CDs in minutes

       No IT or programming skills needed

       Can be hosted internally or externally

       Excellent for microsites and bespoke CDs (eg product launches, lesson plans etc)


Advanced Developer Mode

       Create multi lingual CDs

       Password protect sections

       Encrypt files for added security

       Auto play mode for direct mail with full frame video

       Auto creation of index for knowledgebase to enhance ease of use



       Tracks usage of Knowledgebase

       Shows which path users take to an asset

       Shows which assets are most used

       Reports via the web

       A strategic management tool. Can track usage by region, country and individual

       Works with both CD and web version of Knowledgebase