Turn your information into Sales…


KnowledgeBase is a powerful content management tool that can be used to give intelligent access to information used in any process that relies on digital assets, including:


·                      Management of marketing collateral

·                      Sales Process

·                      Training content

·                      Bid management

·                      Delivery of internal reports


How does it work?


As is so often the case, the best way to explain how this product could help your business is by example. Today's corporations produce an array of digital information in a wide variety of file formats: PDF, Powerpoint, MSWord, Lotus Screen Cam, AVI and MPEG to name just a few.


Cyrano is a leading supplier of software testing solutions. Like many of today's businesses they have taken the decision to reduce printed literature production. Their policy now is to originate all their training, sales and marketing information in digital form as Powerpoint, PDF or Lotus Screen Cam Files.


These files are then burnt to CD and Distributed to Cyrano's employees and clients alike. But, with over 350 different files on one cd, how does the user know just which file is relevant to them?


It's simple. By using Knowledgebase Cyrano is able to overlay their own knowledge management structure so that the user knows which file is relevant to their needs. This process turns item1 (see below) into item 2.


Not only is this tool fully updateable and editable by Cyrano but, by using WebGenerator, they are also able to keep their intranet fully up to date, again without any technical knowledge.