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Ricoh's business is developing office automation solutions which enable individuals and organisations to improve the quality and productivity of office communications.

As one of the largest IT companies in the world, Ricoh's reputation as the total printing solutions provider is becoming well established. The company is one of the world's leading innovators of office equipment technology, with a research and development programme that brought us the first digital copier and a complete range of original engines. Its product range now spans scanners, colour and black & white laser printers, digital connectable colour and black & white copiers, multifunctional devices, network utility software, document management software, facsimile machines, digital stencil duplicators and office consumables.

Ricoh have a direct and dealer sales force of approaching 1000 salesmen; keeping them up to date with the latest product and technical information was difficult. The range of file formats they wished to distribute varied from PowerPoint and PDF all the way through to Flash and AVI.

The implementation of Knowledgebase.

Reduction in both time and money spent, while at the same time achieving their goal of producing updates internally and thus ensuring the most recent information is always available.