What is a configurator?

If you are unfamiliar with configurators in the business environment, most people have come across them in car showrooms. It is quite easy to select the options you want on a car but some items have conditions attached to them eg. you cannot have a rear wiper unless you have the estate model or you must have sports tyres if you chose sports suspension.

These are simple examples but commercial products often have very complex rules of configuration. A configurator is a software tool that carries all the rules of configuration ensuring that the end specification is one that includes everything needed for a given application.


Features and Benefits
- Improves sales productivity
- Reduces order admin errors
- Improves cross selling opportunities
- Reduces sales support time and costs
- Can be used for any product in any industry
- Can be used in service industries eg finance and telcom
- Accurate selection and configuration every time
- Runs from direct from CD ROM or the web
- Updates via Excel spreadsheets from your desktop
- Accurate quotes automatically generated
- Database of quotes created for future reference


Based on our Proactive Configuration Engine (PACE) we have created a powerful tool, which guarantees to give the right configuration results each and every time you use it. Linked to our sophisticated product selection option you have the ultimate sales support tool which will improve sales performance, reduce order processing times and errors, and dramatically enhances the cross selling opportunities for your sales force.


Unlike other configurators PACE runs directly from a CD, PC hard drive or the web. It needs no installation procedure, so IT support issues are virtually non-existent. Updating the selection and configuration rules is done by you from your desktop via simple Excel spreadsheets. It really is that easy.


Configuration rules apply to services as well as products. For example there are conditions attached to loans or teleco services that means only certain products can be offered to certain people. PACE can handle service applications as well.


Once the product or service has been accurately selected and configured a quote is automatically generated and a database of quotes is created for future reference.


PACE is a truly revolutionary approach to a long-standing sales process problem and guarantees real return on investment.


How does it work?

The product selector ensures you choose a product that meets your needs. This matrix is fed from a simple Excel spreadsheet maintained by you.


Screen One: Product Selection



Once youčve chosen the product youčre interested in you can either select you options directly or you can use the questionnaire that guides the user based on their needs rather than just using the product options.


Screen Two: Product Questionnaire


Screen Three: Product Configurator

Both the questions and the rules of configuration are accessed via an Excel spreadsheet for each product.


Screen Four: Product data CSV file

Once youčre happy with the specification and options you can then create a quote.


Screen Five: Product Summary

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